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Rev. Gerry Thompson is an ordained Minister of the Gospel, Songwriter, Producer and Gospel Artist.  He is well known throughout the world; especially in the Reggae and Caribbean community; North American Markets (Canada, US), and European Markets.

Rev. Thompson is a multi-talented individual with a powerful true life testimony of change called “Why I Put the Gun Down”.  He is the Founder, CEO and President of Vision of Truth Outreach Ministries which he states is “a Ministry where a Nobody becomes a Somebody... Why? Because Man’s reject is God’s Project and who God Hire, No Man Fire!”

Rev. Thompson migrated to Canada from Jamaica at the age of eleven.  He went through a period of culture shock trying to adjust to the Canadian way of life and had a difficult time adjusting to this and to his new family. Consequently, he gravitated towards negative influences of “street life” such as pimping, drugs and violence.  He moved to Miami Florida around the age of 27 where he continued to be involved with negative influences.

However, Rev. Thompson made a complete transformation when he was led by the Holy Spirit to a tent meeting church service in Miami Florida on a street called Ivey Lane.  While he was on his way to go kill a man with a 357 Magnum in his waist, God spoke to him, directed him to the church, where he put the gun down and gave his life to Christ.  It has been over 25 years since Rev Thompson experienced that remarkable spiritual transformation.

Since accepting the Lord as his personal Saviour, Rev. Thompson has a new outlook on life.  He made a covenant that he will help others like himself who have turned to “street life” regardless of their race, color or religion.  As a result, he has reached millions around the world with his message of hope and his testimony.  Along his journey, he has never forgotten individuals he left behind in his past life.  He will continue to try to assist them in helping them make positive changes that will empower their lives.

Rev. Thompson makes it a priority to alert his public audience to the important needs of our young people.  His countless volunteer work has included; motivational speaking at schools, community events, and one-on-one mentoring with young people in trouble with the law.  He has accompanied young men to court with those whose parents have either given up on them, or those who cannot get time off work to attend their trials.

Rev. Thompson continues to work with police community programs such as Crime Stoppers, in which he conducts crime & drug prevention workshops.  He has received many citations, endorsements and awards from Crime Stoppers, United Achievers, Reggae Music Award, the School Board of Education, the John Brook Foundation, Roots Cultural Foundation, and the Black Coalition Committee.  Many lives have been transformed through his ministry while working with Prime Ministers, Presidents, Governmental Officials and other Community Leaders in their schools, special needs communities, gangs, prisons and churches.

Rev Thompson does not claim to have apprehended fame, but is always reaching out to individuals in the trenches.  He has given up many opportunities to be rich and famous; but chooses instead to be called a servant of God which is the greatest honor to be used to touch and change lives.

Rev Thompson has produced 12 CD’s consisting of over 200 songs and over 300 DVD’s. (Just a Closer Walk; I’M Glad To Be Home Again; God Isn’t Through With Me Yet; Coming Up From the rough Side; He Touched Me Learning to Lean; Sweet Sweet Spirit; Now & Then; New Era of Change; Christmas with Gerry; and DVD’s such as Who God Hires Let No Man Fire; Reggae Gospel; The Church On Ivey Lane & more..) His Inspirational Gospel repertoire includes Country Western, Reggae, Soca, Calypso and Soul

Rev Thompson has appeared in the movie “John Q” with Denzil Washington which was filmed in Canada.  He has appeared on the BET TV Network with Dr. Bobby Jones.  He is associated with the NRB and has shared the stage with Men of God; such as Morris Cerullo, Reinhard Bonnke, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, Benny Hinn and Arch Bishop Gilbert Deya.  He has also been invited to the Queen of Parliament (London, UK); and the White House in Washington DC USA.  He has also worked with “The Bob Marley Foundation”, and “The Red Cross” in the schools and communities throughout Jamaica.

Rev Thompson is a TV Host of his program “Vision of Truth TV” which is seen countrywide on the cricket channel CBN TV, 5:30 am and 5:30 pm daily in Canada.  He is on The Now Network which is seen Saturdays at 1pm ET.  He is also on several radio programs such as All Nations radio at 2pm ET; YouTube; Flow TV, just to name a few..

Rev Thompson is available for Bookings; Speaking Engagements; Events; Conferences; Weddings; Funerals; Graduations and more….  Rev Gerry Thompson can be contacted @ | 647 692 7793 | 305 791 8805 | 876 345 5303

If you would like a TV and/or Radio Appearance contact us for Air Time Bookings | 647 692 7793 | 305 791 8805 | 876 345 5303

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