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Vision of Truth Outreach Ministry is a ministry where “a Nobody” becomes “a Somebody” because it’s better to light a candle then to curse the darkness.  Our focus is to help those who have lost their way through drugs, crime and life on the streets. 

Our covenant is to help others regardless of their race, color or religion; and to teach them that Salvation through Jesus Christ is the best choice to replace the ones they’ve already made.

Our motto is to help them now so we don’t have to fear them later. Vision of Truth Outreach Ministry has been reaching millions around the world with a message of hope and a testimony of Salvation of how God can transform a Gun-man to a God-man.  Regardless of your situation, Man’s Reject is God’s Project and Who God Hires, No Man Fires.  We believe it’s better to try and fail, then fail to try. 

Our Ministry goal is not to apprehend fame, but to reach out to individuals in the trenches, and to make positive changes that will empower their lives and to promote their positive stories. We desire to be called servants of God which is the greatest honor to be used to touch and change lives.

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